During the Vietnam War over three million soldiers were sent from the United States to fight the communist insurgency. Over two million of them were drafted. Those sent to Vietnam had to survive a one year 'tour of duty' before they could return home. How would you survive?
Building on the things learned while making a procedural RPG for the XBox 360, but scaling the scope back drastically, In Country is essentially a twin-stick shooter combined with a Roguelike RPG. The playing area is much smaller, and there are many fewer non-player characters to manage. Even so, multithreading is still used to separate the display code from the update and artificial intelligence code.

Players are assigned one of the randomly generated soldiers to control through their one year 'tour of duty', carrying out missions in the area around a US fire support base somewhere in Vietnam. Players operate as part of a squad of non-player characters, gradually earning promotions until they can lead their own squad. Death in this game is permanent, but does not lead to a 'game over' screen; the player is assigned a replacement soldier and the clock on their tour is reset.

With Microsoft's cessation of support of the XNA API, In Country is targeted at the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, with the XBox 360 no longer of interest. Written in C++, In Country uses a number of cross-platform support libraries to function, for example OpenGL is used for the display. Currently in development, this game is aimed to be complete by the end of 2017.