When Target; 2006 was released, its popularity was surprising. While my initial concerns were with keeping versions up to date (leading eventually to my writing a launcher program that automatically downloads updates from the internet), it soon became clear that bandwidth could become an issue in the future. Nobody likes excessive hosting costs, and the idea of using BitTorrent as a means of distributing software became more appealing.

Before I could combine such a method with my existing codebase however, I needed to write a basic BitTorrent client that would test all the required aspects of the protocol ahead of time. So I wrote EMTorrent.
EMTorrent is written in C++, using Visual Studio 2010 Express. It also uses the open source Boost and Libtorrent libraries. The original plan had been to use GTK+, with the aim of porting from Windows to Linux later, but Glade, the GTK+ GUI builder tool, has transformed into a long-winded, XML-producing device, with the associated library requirements making use on Windows more of a chore than it used to be. For rapid application development, Visual Studio was the only sane choice.